digital innovations
@ a patent law firm

A digital mindest. Professional legal expertise. Transparency. Trust. Experimentation. This blend makes us unique.

Philipa is a digitally network based patent law firm, established on servers, cloud computing, databases, algorithms, AI and program code rather than on paper files, representative offices and large back-office resources. We provide a digital infrastructure and processes that support you to build up and manage patent portfolios that have the potential to grow your business. Welcome to your future digital patent department. Today.


our clients...

creative forward thinkers, hard workers with deep knowledge. Just like us.

You know that change is accelerating its pace. That is demanding. And full of new opportunities. Digital disruption, new business challenges and increased innovation speed require a new and smart way to protect your innovations and grow your business. We enable you to succeed.



competition is
for losers."

Peter Thiel

How would you grow your business if it would be possible to offer products with unique customer benefits monopolized exclusively to your company. Sounds like business heaven? We call it patent strategy.

Patents provide a legally enforceable monopoly for 20 years. Let us merge your business and R&D strategy with an appropriately aligned patent strategy to protect and grow your future business and unleash the full strategic power of patents.


still paying for big law instead of benefitting from smart law?

External legal services can be costly and the billable hours can be unpredictable. What would a predictable and transparent budget managment, significant cost savings and a digital portfolio management of your patent portfolio mean to your budgets?

We know the cost pressure. And the business model of traditional legal services will not promise any budget relief. What if there would be a patent service provider that has simply cut away mayor cost drivers and expensive status symbols, who is heavily investing in digitalization of processes and who focuses on what is providing value to the clients. Business oriented and budget friendly patent services combined with cutting-edge digital process efficiency. Welcome to philipa.


The best way to predict
the future is to create it.

You build and manage an agile, inspired, creative, passionate and business oriented R&D department. Why shouldn’t your patent attorneys not just be the same?

We consult your projects from the early idea phase till a successful market launch. We provide your team with industry proven processes, digital tools and hand on industry experienced patent attorneys, so that your team can focus on creating the future technologies for your company while we take care of protecting them accordingly. We work deeply project embedded, interactive and communicative. We are serious.And seriously fun.


The external patent department you have always wished to exist

Running and developing a patent department is a challenging task. We have been there, too. We know how vital it is to have the right external partners. We have founded philipa to be that partner that we always wished to exist.

Due to our smart business model, we provide you with reasonable and predictable flat rate services that will not eat up your budget. Gaining flexibility while cutting costs is not a contradiction any longer.


For the industry.
From the industry.

You are working as patent manager and patent professional in a company. We have done that, too. For nearly 20 years. Before we founded philipa as an external patent department.

We wanted to establish a patent service provider that is thinking like an in-house patent department rather than an external law firm. That can anticipate the challenges and pressure. And that can provide service and digital solutions that will support you to advance.


Inventors are changing the world. Let us change how inventors interact with patents.

As an engineer, scientist or technician you want to focus on your R&D work. We enable you to do so while assuring that your development and projects are approiately protected and not interfering with third party rights.

As the time pressure and work load in R&D departments are continously rising, we are supporting you in keeping the pace. Agile processes for project embedded patent counseling, 24/7 video conferencing availability and our digital tools are only some examples of how an inventor - patent attorney interaction can look like.


Complete your big business
with an agile partner.

We have been with multinationals like BMW, Henkel, thyssenkrupp or SCHAEFFLER. So we know the challanges that such organisation are facing in times of change.

Therefore, we have developed IP services that are agile, transparent, digitally based and reasonably priced so that multinationals can explore new ways of managing their IP workload and IP cost management.

As an example: As communication across time zones can be difficult, we offer a 24/7 service for our multinational clients. Whether a development team in Tokio or a business team in Philadelphia needs our support, just call without thinking about time zones. We are there, when you need it. No compromise!


Here is your update
to patent management 4.0

We are providing mid-sized companies with a „plug and play“ patent department infrastructure and industry experienced patent attorneys available onsite and skype. We give you the patent power that so far was reserved for the big multinationals.

With our “external in-house-patent-departmemt” flat fee packages, we make business oriented, strategically focused and agile patent management accessible for the “Mittelstand”(*).

(*) german phrase for medium-sized businesses


start UP
with IP

Founding a start up and puting a vision into reality is so challanging and so fullfilling. Hey, we have founded philipa. We know what we are talking about.

The flourishing of your tech company may heavily depend on the protection of your know-how. In many cases, that is the true value your start-up might have. Sometimes, your patents may save the survival of your company. Or it might kill you, if you are confronted with infringing someones elses patents. We have created special Start-Up service packages, that are carefully shaped to help you to grow your business with the right patent strategy


Your business never sleeps.And so do we.

Filing IP aboad can be an expensive excersise for a client. But why does it has to be that way? With our digital processes and interfaces patent filing into Europe has never been so easy and secure.

We are available for our partner law firms 24/7. You do not have to think about time zones, regardless if you are located in Bejing, Tokyo or San Fancisco. And our algorithms and servers do not sleep anyhow.


Helping you anticipate and avoid costly IP risks.

Intellectual property, especially patents, are becoming the mayor assets in technology driven Mergers and Acquisitions (M+A) today. With our digital tools we are able to support any M+A project with in-depth risk analysis to avoid that you are paying high for low quality patent portfolios.

We have developed a smart digital tool called “The Diligence Dude”, that is checking more than 60 different quality criteria of a target portfolio. It enables us to provide you with detailed risk assessments within the pressing timelines a M+A project usually has.


smart, fast and
completely different.

New challenges require unconventional approaches and innovative tools. Now.

Curiosity, out of the box thinking and agility are crucial to successfully navigate a rapidly changing environment. With a fresh and optimistic mindset. Digitally powered. Exponentially smarter. We are just as the future of patent services. Smart, fast and completely different. Are you ready?

Want to take a look?

    On-Demand Service Products

    On-Demand products can be ordered on-demand. No need for a service plan subscription. Flexible and transparent access to standard patent products.


    Product Bundles are carefully selected compilations of philipa products and services for defined purposes and clients needs


    Service plans are subscriptions to a defined philipa service for a specified duration

  • Product Selector
On-Demand Service Products

On-Demand products can be ordered on-demand. No need for a service plan subscription. Flexible and transparent access to standard patent products.

This section is under construction!


patent & digital
innovation lab

Creative thinking requires an inspiring workspace. Instead of a traditional law firm workspace, we have created a patent & innovation lab in which the future of digitally based patent services is developed today.

Equipped with cutting-edge digital infrastructure, flexible collaborative workstations, inspiration boards, VR-stations and communication equipment combined with advanced innovation processes and tools, philipa is shaping the future of the patent services. Our clients, R+D groups are invited to have innovation workshops here with us.



our future radar

We have developed a future radar that uses various mega trend analytics to determine the range and velocity of technological, economical and social developments.

Hover over a trend spotted by the future radar to get some more insights about this trend. How are these developments affect your business and product development? How would it change the way philipa is supporting its clients?

If you would like to discuss this, just give us a call, or drop us a line!


image/svg+xml patent attorneys NOWNESS! Convenience Visualisation inspire me! individuality uX be empatic! the rise of the digital natives be there for me!

I want it all
and I want it now!

You order online today and delivery is expected tomorrow. It is the „amazonisation“ of services.

Reliable and short delivery is expected and an increasingly important indication of service quality. How long does it take till an invention is drafted into a patent application?

Is this the "Nowness!" your customers are expecting?

Empathy most wanted!

In the age of accelerating digitalisation people are looking for and valuing true human interactions. No AI (artificial intelligence) is considered to be empathic.


Thinks are geting more and mor complicated. I want to have it easy. Don't make me think!

Show it to me!

A picture can say more than a thousand words. Visualisation of complex matters will be increasingly expected. This is the change from textual media to multi-media.

Inspire me!

Doing the ordinary daily routine business is geting so boring. I want to be inspired to reach out for the stars. I want to be excited about the future. And I want my business partners to inspire me to become the best "ME" possible.

Generation Online!

The generation Y grew up with digital media. There is no true difference between online and offline world. If it is not existing online, than it is not existing in the offline world for generation Y .

User Experience! (uX)

uX describes all aspects of a user's impressions when interacting with a product, service, environment or facility. Have you ever considered how the user's impression of a patent law firm is in the digital age?

Be there for me!

I want you to be there when I need you. No telephone queues. No call centers. No chat bots.

Just for me!

I want to have services and products that exactly meet my personal requirements. Nothing off the shelf. They are made just for me. And I will love them.


Our values for the journey we are on:




What we do on our mission

We are shaping the future of our profession

by re-defining and re-inventing IP servives

We build a digital IP service eco-system

for a digital generation

which is easy to use, offers transparent products

and which is breathtaking beatutiul.

We create high quality and personal service experiences.

How we do it

Questioning assumptions

Think deeply. Think digitaly.

Dont wait! Think, plan. act...and repeat!

Never stop learning

Iterate as a lifestyle

Details, details, details!

Design is everywhere!



Our vision

We built the world's most innovative IP law firm. It will be;








…if you want to change the world of IP services. Do you question the status quo? Do you accept old traditions, or do you want create a new ones? Do you want to replace big law with smart law?

WE OFFER: A place to create the future of the patent attorney profession. The most advanced digital workspace for patent attorneys. Home Office? Beach Office? Flexibility as a freelancer.
WE DON'T OFFER: egos, hirachies,routine, comfort zones, SUVs.


digitally powered, exponantially smarter.

philipa is the vision of the digital future of patent & IP law services put to reality. Today. For you.

We have built a digital patent & IP operating ecosystem that is taking away the mechanical repetitive work from the patent attorney shoulders to allow us to spend more time with and for our clients without stressing budgets or exploding costs for e.g. strategical advice in R&D projects or on patent portfolios. In order to steer strategy and costs we provide you online access to the philipa Sphere. Here you can check on your portfolio and track ongoing activities with us anytime.


we talk tech, legal
and business.

Industry experienced patent attorneys with a strong business and strategy background.

As engineers and scientist our mother tongue is tech talk. As attorneys we have been trained to speak legal. Through our industry experience we became fluent in business and strategy. And in a digitalized world we talk C#, SQL, JavaScript, HTML and VBA. In other words: our capability to communicate is as diverse as the interfaces we encounter in our environment.

Don't be shy, say hi!


Working with us is inspiring. is more than you would expect. is like working with your best friend. is simple. is enlightening. is exciting. is a refreshing experience. is serious. And seriously fun. is different.

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